Network, Phones, & Faxing

Learn about network, phone, and faxing services at NCU. Learn how to submit a service request for these services or report an issue.

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Phones & Voicemail

Desk phones & Voicemail.

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Domain Name Services (DNS)

Request changes to Domain Name Services (DNS) entries or report issues related to DNS.

Faxing at NCU

North Central University utilizes a service that allows employees to send faxes and receive faxes through university e-mail accounts.

Firewall and Routing Services

Firewalls protect the university network. Sometimes, firewall and routing configuration changes are needed to allow certain services/software to work properly. Use this service to request changes to these systems.

GlobalProtect Virtual Private Network (VPN)

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a service that allows you to connect to the University's network when you are not on campus. There are certain applications managed by the University that are limited to the University's network. To access these applications when you are off-campus you will need to use VPN.

The University's VPN uses encryption technologies that enable data to be transmitted securely. Use VPN any time you are working on a computer using a shared, public internet connection (e.g. a coffee shop, hotel room) and are handling information you wish to be secure.

Network Device Registration

MAC Address registration for wireless connections is only available for media and other devices (smart, game consoles, etc.) All wired device require device registration.

University Networks

North Central University offers wired and wireless connectivity to employees, students, and guests. If you have issues, please report issues via this service request.