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403b Contribution Form

Use to form to request a change in your 403b contribution.


Account/Email Request for Student Workers

Student employees are given accounts only upon request. Typically, such an account is needed so the student can have access to shared mailboxes used by the office for its operations.


Bias Incident Reporting Form


Campus Safety & Emergency Management Department Concerns

Please use this form to submit reports and request related to department concerns (e.g. concern with officer conduct, concern with a department policy, concern with department attire, and concern with a specific area on campus).

Card & Building Access (Genetec)

Your NCU ID card allows you to do many things on campus. It allows for building access, on-campus purchases, identification, authentication, and much more. If you are a new student, staff member, or faculty member, it is important that you get a university ID card.

Change An Employee's Colleague Permissions or Request Access

Request a Colleague access for an employee.

Change an employees Colleague permissions: security persona assignment, Self-Service access, and budget line access.

Classrooms and Labs

Classrooms and labs.


Colleague serves as the primary system of record for administrative data and includes modules for curriculum and academic records, financial aid, demographics, HR, and finance. Colleague is frequently integrated with other applications on campus to ensure consistency of data (e.g. Moodle, Starfish, and more.)

Use this service to request assistance with or to report issues with Colleague.

Compromised Accounts Support

If you suspect that your account has been compromised, report it immediately to IT.  IT will work with you to reset your password, restore access to your account, and investigate the impact of the incident.

Computer and Device Hardware Troubleshooting

The IT Service Desk provides computer and device support for employees and students. Support levels vary by device type and device ownership.

Computer Imaging

The IT service desk centrally manages NCU-owned machines. Part of this process is the deployment of a specially configured operating system and software suite.

Conference Rooms

If you notice something isn't working in a conference room or need assistance, please let us know and we will respond to the issue as soon as possible.

Copying, Printing, and Scanning at North Central

All printing-related issues from physical copier/printer issues (jams, noises etc.) or issues with network print queues.

COVID Screening Form

Please complete this form if you are experiencing symptoms of COVID or have been exposed to COVID 19. The COVID response office will respond to you shortly.


Domain Name Services (DNS)

Request changes to Domain Name Services (DNS) entries or report issues related to DNS.


Email and Calendaring Assistance

Requests and issues involving email/calendaring within Office 365, the Outlook client, or Gmail.

Employee Account Setup Request

Use this service to request a university account for a new employee.

Employee Dependent Tuition Discount Application

Applications for Dependents are required by July 1 for the entire academic year. (New applications for a dependent discount that is submitted after July 1 for spring or summer will follow the deadlines listed below.)

-Fall Semester – July 1
-Spring Semester – November 15
-Summer Semester – March 15

A separate application must be completed for each dependent utilizing the benefit.

Employee Separation

This employee separation form is used to notify IT that, regardless of the reason, an employee will no longer be working at North Central.  Account disabling and deprovisioning is a key information security process that helps support the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of university data.

Employee Tuition Discount Application

Employees must complete an Employee Tuition Discount Application with supervisor approval each semester in order to receive the benefit.

Application Deadlines for Employees:

-Fall Semester – July 1
-Spring Semester – November 15
-Summer Semester – March 15

EPNI Corridor – Strength Group Report Form

Event Cancellation and Change Request

This form is to request a cancellation or a change to an event that has already been approved through GatherNCU.

Event Technology Assistance or Consult

IT consults on the use of university spaces for events. Use this service if you would like to schedule a time with IT to look at a space or to test the technology in the space with you.


FERPA Authorization & FERPA PIN Form

Submit this form to grant specific access to your educational records. onfidential information that can be shared with those authorized by the student is limited to the following offices. Please note that these authorizations do not extend to Deans, faculty advisors or instructors.

FERPA Block Request Form

This form serves to process such requests and may also be used to remove a previously requested privacy block on directory information.

File Restoration

If you notice that file on a network drive is missing or if you accidentally delete on a network drive, IT may be able to restore the file.  At this time, file restoration is limited to network drives. IT cannot restore files that were saved to your NCU-owned device.

Firewall and Routing Services

Firewalls protect the university network. Sometimes, firewall and routing configuration changes are needed to allow certain services/software to work properly. Use this service to request changes to these systems.

FM Maintenance Request

Report an issue or submit an FM maintenance request!

Form - 4+1 Course Registration

Form - 4+1 Program Application

Graduate programs for undergraduate students - 30-credit Master of Arts in Strategic Leadership or 36-credit Master of Arts in Biblical Theology

Form - Academic Petition

Use this petition to request any exception to policy not already covered by a more specific form.

Form - Academic Petition to Exceed 18 Credits

Please enter the course code that you wish to take that will put you over 18 credits (BUS-161).

Form - BATS Teaching or Research Assistantship

Form - Change of Major/Minor

Use this form to change your major or minor.

Form - Class Cancelation or Shift to Virtual

Complete and submit this form prior to canceling or shifting the class.

Form - Course Variance

This form is to be submitted by faculty member.

Form - Directed Research Application

This form is to be submitted by faculty member.

Form - Dual Major Application

Use this form to add a second major to your program.

Form - Exam Proctoring

Requests must be made 24 hours in advance for test proctoring

Form - Excessive Absence Notification

This form is to be submitted by a faculty member when a student has exceeded skips in a class.

Form - Excessive Absence Petition

Use this form if you want to petition being dropped from a class due to excessive absences.

Form - Faculty Assistants

To promote interest in post-secondary academic teaching ministry, select students who demonstrate excellence within the college academic environment are provided the opportunity for involvement as a faculty assistant.

Form - Grade Change

This form can only be submitted by a faculty member.

Form - Incomplete Grade Request

Faculty submission only.

Form - Lab Assistant

To promote interest in post-secondary academic teaching and continue to provide practice of laboratory and technical skills, select students who demonstrate excellence within the college laboratory environment are provided the opportunity for involvement as a Lab Assistant (LA).

Form - Petition to Change Advisor

Use this form to change your advisor.

Form - PSEO Grade Card Release of Information

Form - Registration Approval

Form - Schedule Change

Use this form to Add or Drop a class after the first day of the term.

Furniture Request

Use this form to request furniture replacement and/or to request additional furniture


G Suite (Google Gmail)

G Suite is a set of cloud-based tools developed by Google. G Suite includes services like Gmail, Drive, Docs, Sheets, and more.

General Payroll Request

Please use this service request to communicate any issues with payroll whether it is a past payroll or a future payroll. This would include items like incorrect deductions, pay changes, extra pay requests, etc. If you are sending a pay change for an employee, please attach your fully approved payroll status change form.

GlobalProtect Virtual Private Network (VPN)

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a service that allows you to connect to the University's network when you are not on campus. There are certain applications managed by the University that are limited to the University's network. To access these applications when you are off-campus you will need to use VPN.

The University's VPN uses encryption technologies that enable data to be transmitted securely. Use VPN any time you are working on a computer using a shared, public internet connection (e.g. a coffee shop, hotel room) and are handling information you wish to be secure.


Housekeeping Request

The Housekeeping Department provides custodial and janitorial services for the university. These services include tasks such as general cleaning, vacuuming, carpet cleaning, disinfection, and trash/recycling removal.


iAttended / uAttended

iAttended is an mobile app that is used by the university to track chapel attendance and to view livestreams of the university's chapel services. uAttended is the administrator/management view of the iAttended app.


Use this form to request permission changes, access requests, report requests, or dataset requests for Informer.

IT Service Desk

The IT Service Desk is a part of Information Technology. We are located on the second floor of Miller Hall, room 226.  The service desk offers a full-service center that will address the technology support needs of all North Central employees and students in one convenient location.


JAMF Pro Self Service

JAMF Pro Self Service is available on North Central-owned Apple devices. JAMF Pro Self Service can be used to install new software which the university owns and is licensed to distribute on campus. A helpful analogy is to think of Self Service as North Central's version of the Apple App Store.


Key Request

Please fill out this form with the information of the person who will be receiving the keys. After you submit this form, an email will be sent to the person who has been authorized to approve key requests for the area(s) you list.



LastPass allows us to provide departments with secure, centralized password management for miscellaneous accounts.


Maintenance Request - Public Request

This form is intended for non-NCU requestors and NCU guests only.

Microsoft Office 365 E-mail & Calendar

Microsoft Office 365 is a productivity, collaboration, and messaging platform. All faculty and staff are required to use Office 365 e-mail for the official University business-related correspondence. Currently, only faculty and staff have access to e-mail and Outlook app in Office 365; not available to students.


Employees and students are able to print in NCU-managed printing locations from their personal laptops, tablets, or smartphones.

Moodle (Courses) - Learning Management System

Moodle (Courses) is North Central University's learning management system. Courses is used for the creation, managing and delivering learning content as well as communication with students and tracking their performance.

Moodle Support and Design Request


NCU Accounts

Your North Central credentials are used for accessing university computers, email, services, and networks. Use this service to report issues with your account or to request changes for an existing North Central University employee, student worker, or to request changes to a current employee's network access due to a change of department or responsibilities. 

Do not use this form to request new accounts.

Network Device Registration

MAC Address registration for wireless connections is only available for media and other devices (smart, game consoles, etc.) All wired device require device registration.

Network Drives

A network drive is disk space on a server for individual or group use which functions as an additional hard drive on your on-campus computer. Typically NCU include the P: drive and N: drive.


Office 365

Office 365 includes downloadable apps for Windows and Mac computers, as well as cloud-based versions of many apps, all of which can be accessed through the web. In all, there are about 20 apps available, aimed at helping productivity and increasing success.

Operating System or Software Support

IT provides North Central University employees and students assistance with software troubleshooting.


Paint Project Request

This form is for painting requests that require at least a full wall being painted. For minor paint requests, please use the FM Maintenance Request form.


Panopto is a video management platform utilized by North Central University to create, upload, manage, and share video and audio files.

Parental Leave Request Form

The university provides paid parental leave for eligible employees related to the birth, adoption, or gestational surrogacy of children under the age of 18. Use this form to request leave or to contact HR for more information.

Payroll Status Change Form

Please use this form to process any change in an employee’s status, cost number, title, or pay. This form should not be used for Student Employees, please use the “Student Hire/Payroll Form

Personnel Proposal Submission Form

This form is used for submitting personnel proposals. Please provide as many details as possible about the proposal.

Phone Service

The university provides employees with desktop phones and provides support in troubleshooting phone issues. As you or your department needs to move or add phones/fax machines or make changes to the way your devices are configured, IT will take care of your request. This includes requesting changes to display names, line buttons, setup-related items or phone due to a new hire, office relocation, or other requests.


Raiser's Edge List Request

List requests typically take about one week to be completed.

RamBot (Ivy)

RamBot is the official chatbot of university IT. It can answer your common technical questions, as well as, give some basic campus related information. RamBot is a learning chatbot, so the more it is used, the smarter it becomes. If it doesn’t know the answer now, there’s a good chance it will down the road. Click chat icon in the bottom right hand corner at to try out RamBot.

Relocate or Pick up Technology

IT is responsible for moving technology between spaces. If you need to move technology between spaces, please request assistance via this service.

Report Information Security Incidents

If you suspect a potential security issue involving any private information—whether the information is on a computer, on paper, on the web, etc.—immediately report the details to IT.

Request for Personnel

This form is used for submitting personnel requests.

Request Technology for New Hires

Request a university-owned device such as a computer, monitor, or desk phone for new employees and positions. This could be a purchase request, a quote request, or a general technology request for a new employee hire.


Security Incident Response and Consulting

IT prioritizes keeping your information secure. IT works hard to maintain confidentiality, integrity, and to prevent information from being compromised. You can benefit from consulting with our office by obtaining the necessary tools and information to keep you, your information, and your computer safe.

Server Hosting and Management

We assist departments with storing and managing physical and virtual servers. This service is provided by request and includes an evaluation of departmental business need. All request are subject to IT evaluation and approval.

Service Accounts

A service account is assigned to a specific information resource or resource group to facilitate services by an external support provider (a support service account) or to authenticate one system or resource to another (a system service account).

Shared Mailbox/Calendar and Distribution Groups

Request a new generic email address to be used for a department, club, committee, or another purpose.

Single Sign-On (SSO) and Directory Services

Single sign-on (SSO) allows user to log in once in order to gain access to all systems without being prompted to log in again at each of those systems. The University is using a product called SAML to provide this SSO functionality.

Software Center

The Software Center is a Windows App Store personalized with various NCU apps that allow you to install them onto your NCU issues machine without the need for an administrator password. This article will detail the process of being able to install available applications on your own accord.

Software Installation & Packaging

Assistance with software installations on NCU-owned devices, in learnings spaces, labs, and conference rooms.

Software Purchasing and Licensing

Need to purchase software? Interested in exploring a potential purchase? NCU centralizes software procurement through IT. Use this service to request IT to either research or quote a software purchase.

Space & Technology Orientation

Request an orientation session to familiarize or refresh your knowledge of technology in a lab, learning space, or conference room.

Spam Identification and Filtering

North Central utilizes Microsoft's Exchange Online Protection (EOP) for protecting your email from spam, viruses, and phishing attempts.


Starfish is North Central University's early alert and student success platform.

Student Hire/Payroll Form

This form should ONLY be used for changes related to student employment and student employees.

Supervisor - Report Employee Absence

This form is for supervisors to report the absence of any employee who is out due to sickness. The COVID team will follow up with the employees who do not submit a COVID Follow Up Ticket.


TeamDynamix (IT Service Site)

TeamDynamix (TDX) is the IT Service Management (ITSM) platform that IT uses to publish its services, house its knowledge base, and to handle incidents and requests. TDX also provides other capabilities that IT uses internally. Across the university, TDX is known as the IT service site.

Technology Loans for University Employees

IT provides loaner laptops (Windows or Apple), webcams, projectors, and projector screen loans to employees for official university business. A request must be submitted for each piece of technology.

Technology Loans for University Events

IT provides kiosk, phones, and laptops to qualifying university events.

Technology Recycling and Media Destruction

The technology recycling program makes it easy and convenient for you to responsibly dispose of old university devices. IT will ensure that computer storage devices are securely erased and that the device is properly disposed of—including documentation of disposal.

Technology/Accessory Purchase Request

Engage IT for assistance in selecting and obtaining a quote for computers, peripherals, or other information technology equipment.

Title IX Incident, Complaint, and Reporting Form


TouchNet is the system that powers the university’s electronic billing and payment system that allows students and authorized users 24×7 access to view their statements, securely make payments, and manage their student account.


University Networks

North Central University offers wired and wireless connectivity to employees, students, and guests. If you have issues, please report issues via this service request.

Unlock Colleague Record

In Colleague, a record can only be viewed by one person at a time. If you are trying to view a record and you get an error indicating that it's locked, first try contacting the person specified who has the record open. If you are unable to resolve the issue yourself, submit a request.


Visio 2016

Microsoft Visio is a diagram, vector graphic, and flow-chart tool that makes it easy for you to visualize, explore, and communicate complex information.


Voicemail allows callers to leave a message in the event that a phone line is busy or the recipient is not available to answer the incoming call. Mailbox owners can record custom greetings, forward voicemail to other users on the system, set an extended absence greeting, and more.


Voicemail-to-email allows a copy of your voice mail messages to be delivered directly to your North Central email address.



Zoom is a full-featured web and video conferencing service that offers online meetings and webinars. Features include polling, breakout rooms, instant messaging, and a wide variety of audio options. All employees and students have a pro account allowing them to host a meeting with up to 100 other people; however, a Zoom account is not required for someone to join a Zoom meeting.